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The Equalizer® Handicap System:

Games Must Win Charts

PAGE 58-59

Your skill level and that of your opponent will determine the number of games in 8-Ball or points in 9-Ball you will race to during your match. All scoresheets include a Games Must Win, or Points Required To Win chart to assist you on League night. 

In 8-Ball, find your skill level (singles) or combined skill level (doubles) along the left side of the chart and your opponent’s skill level along the top of the chart. Track to the right from your skill level and down from your opponent’s skill level until the two tracks meet. In that block, the first number is the number you race to, and the second is the number your opponent races to.

The 9-Ball charts indicate the number of points each skill level (singles) or combined skill level (doubles) is required to attain in order to win a match. The individual match is over once a player (singles) or team (doubles) attains the number of points indicated on the Points Required To Win Chart.

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