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General Rules:

Amateur Players Only


APA is an amateur League. APA reserves the right to reject or cancel the memberships of those individuals who are deemed to be professionals or possess abilities above amateur status. APA has a variety of criteria for determining amateur/professional status. The criteria include: possessing a tour membership in any men’s or women’s professional billiards organization, winning tour points from any of those organizations, being a nationally known money player in APA’s judgment, or otherwise being recognized as a billiards professional, billiards celebrity or entertainer including being a noted exhibition performer, retired professional, etc. APA reserves the right to rule on the amateur/professional status of any member, and may consider all, some, or none of the above criteria in making its ruling. Players who enter a professional event, perform exhibitions or otherwise behave as a professional, place their amateur status at risk, and may be declared ineligible to be a member of APA.

Local League Management has the option of prohibiting any individual from participating in the Local League who has consistently demonstrated characteristics exceeding amateur status, is a known money player or is perceived as earning a substantial portion of their living playing pool. An individual who gives exhibitions or lessons for money may be deemed a professional.  Similarly, a highly skilled individual who is employed as a manager/assistant manager of a billiard room may be categorized as a house pro and thus be ineligible for amateur play. However, a person cannot be deemed a professional simply because they are a highly skilled pool player. There are many highly skilled amateurs who do not otherwise exhibit professional characteristics, who are welcome to play in APA.  

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