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General Rules:

Session Playoffs

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All the rules governing regular session play apply during Session Playoffs. Playoffs and Championship matches, with the exception of forfeits, are scored the same as regular League play.

The first team to reach a match point total that the opposing team cannot overcome is the winner. Therefore, Playoff matches often end before all individual matches are complete. Once a player has reached the number of racks or balls necessary to secure the win for their team, simply stop the match and write “Incomplete Match” or “DNF” (Did Not Finish) on the scoresheet. The two teams cannot agree to continue the match, because the scoresheet must show where the match actually ended.

Unless a different Playoff structure is specified in your Local Bylaws, the following process will be observed:

At the end of each session there is a Playoff in each division among the top finishing teams and a wild card team. The team that wins the Playoffs wins the award(s), the division title for that session and also becomes qualified for the Local Level of the World Pool Championships referred to as the World Qualifier. A team does not win the division title, or qualification, by earning the most points during the session. Point standings determine team seeding in the Playoffs. Full weekly fees are collected during the Playoffs.

During the semifinals, the first place team plays the wild card team and the second place team plays the third place team. In the finals, the two semifinal winners play each other for the division title.

Session Playoff Site Selection

The Session Playoff site will be chosen at or prior to the Team Captains’ Meeting at the beginning of the session and will be indicated on the schedule. Playoff matches may be held at a neutral location or at the home location of one or both of the teams involved.

How The Wild Card Team Is Selected

After the final week of play, the League Operator, or their designated representative, in the presence of witnesses, will conduct the wild card draw. Teams that do not make the Playoffs are eligible for the draw, unless they forfeited more than five individual matches during the course of the session, are not current with all League fees or are deemed ineligible by the League Operator.

Tie-Breaking Procedures

It will happen quite often that teams will finish a session tied for a position. The following tie-breaking procedures will be used to decide which team places ahead of the other. In some cases, these procedures may only dictate the difference between first and second place; however, in other cases, they will decide which team(s) advance to the Playoffs.

If two teams are tied – Break the tie by letting their overall records against each other during regular session play decide the outcome. If they played each other more than once and the overall point total is a tie, only the last time they played each other will be considered. If the result is still a tie, the winner will be determined by the team that won the most individual matches the last time they played.

If three or more teams are tied – Break the tie by matching the teams against each other according to which teams involved met first on the schedule during the session. After the matching-up, proceed as described above to determine a winner, and then match the winner against the other team in the tie as described above. The losing team is then out of further consideration and receives the lowest available “place” in the division standings of the tied teams.

If teams are tied and they did not play each other during the regular session – Unless otherwise set out in Local Bylaws, the winner will be determined by who earned the most points in the last week of the regular session. If both teams earned the same number of points during the last week of the regular session, their point totals from the week prior would then be compared in order to determine a winner. Continue with this approach until the tie is broken.

Ties In Playoff Matches

In case of a tie at the end of a Playoff match, the number of individual matches won by each team will determine the winner using the following methods:

Open Divisions (8-Ball & 9-Ball) – If after four matches, the team match is tied and neither team can field a fifth player, the team that won two individual matches first will be declared the winner.

Masters, Ladies & 3-Person Divisions – If after two matches the team match is tied and neither team can field a third player, the team that won the first individual match will be declared
the winner.

Doubles Divisions (8-Ball & 9-Ball) – If a Playoff match ends in a tie, the team that won the doubles match will be declared
the winner.

Junior Divisions – Check your Local Bylaws.

Participation In Session Playoffs

For a player to participate in Session Playoffs, they must have played at least four times with that team during the session. Local Bylaws may impose additional Playoff eligibility requirements. A team with an ineligible player on its roster may NOT use that player’s skill level towards the Team Skill Level Limit. If an ineligible player is used, then a violation of this rule officially occurs when the rack is struck in the ineligible player’s match. The ineligible player forfeits the match and the teams go on to the next individual match. The skill levels of both players count toward the Team Skill Level Limit rule for that match. Once the team match is over and one of the teams has left the match site, or the scoresheets are signed by both Team Captains, the match will stand as played, even if an ineligible player(s) has competed. The number of matches played by each player is prominently displayed on each week’s scoresheets. 

Byes and forfeits do not count as matches played.  

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