The Equalizer® Handicap system

APA developed its own unique handicap system, The Equalizer®, which makes it possible for players of all abilities to compete on a nearly even level. The Equalizer® requires lesser skilled players to win fewer games in 8-Ball, or earn fewer points in 9-Ball, to beat higher skilled opponents. In golf and bowling you give or get strokes or pins. In this League, you give or get games or points. The number of games or points players race to is determined by comparing their skill levels.

Accurate and conscientious scorekeeping is the greatest contribution every member can make to the smooth operation of The Equalizer® and to the prevention of handicap manipulation. The Equalizer® works best when teams keep score properly. The only way a team can get away with manipulating The Equalizer® is IF YOU LET THEM. Your Local League Management uses information from the scoresheet you submit to evaluate handicaps. You improve the League by keeping score according to the rules stated in this manual.

Your efforts will be appreciated by your teammates, your fellow members, your Local League Management and APA.

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