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General Rules:

Limited Number Of Senior Skill Level Players (8-Ball and 9-Ball)

PAGE 34-35

Senior Skill Level players are those who have a skill level of 6 or higher. Teams may not field more than two Senior Skill Level players in a match. A violation of the rule has officially occurred when the rack is struck in the individual match involving a third Senior Skill Level player. The ineligible player forfeits the individual match and the teams go on to the next match, keeping all points earned in previous individual matches. The skill levels of both players will count towards the Team Skill Level Limit for that match. If a third Senior Skill Level is used, the points earned by the third Senior Skill Level player will not count and the non-offending team will receive forfeit points for that individual match.

NOTE: Once both teams have declared a player, the players cannot be changed unless the Limited Senior Skill Level rule is in jeopardy.  

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