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General Rules:



Players may be added to your roster at any time during the first four weeks of each session. The opposing team should be notified of the roster change before the team match begins. To add a player, simply change them on the Scorekeeper App, or write the word “add” and the player’s name next to the roster on your copy of the weekly scoresheet. To drop a player, draw a line through their name on your scoresheet and write “drop” next to it.

If a new team member participated in another APA League area or is a former member, they must play at their established skill level. Before allowing your new teammate to play, your Team Captain must contact Local League Management to obtain the player’s established skill level. If they play at a lower skill level, Local League Management has the discretion to forfeit the match. If it is discovered that a transferring or returning player played below their established skill level during a Championship Tournament, the player’s team may be subject to disqualification. Players may be dropped at any time during the session, and should be dropped if they become unreliable or cause problems in the League.

Adding players to your roster after week four requires prior approval from the Local League Management. A strict prohibition against allowing teams to add players after the fourth week of a session could force some teams to drop out of the League, leading to forfeits and reducing the opportunity for their opponents to play.  However, Local League Management is not required to allow a team to add a player after the fourth week.  

All roster changes for qualified teams must be made prior to the team submitting their week four scoresheets. Altering the roster of a qualified team after week four of the Spring Session will result in the team losing its qualification.

NOTE: No player may play without a handicap after the seventh week of any session, without approval from Local League Management.  

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