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This is the APA Official Team Manual. It contains the rules, procedures, and guidelines you will need to know to maximize your enjoyment during League play. The entire team should become thoroughly familiar with the contents of this manual, as knowing the rules will ensure that you, and your teammates, fully enjoy League play.

NOTE: By participating in the League, every member agrees to abide by the rules set forth in this manual.
Be sure to have this manual available at every League match. If you lose or misplace it, contact your Local League Management. An online version of this manual is always available at and on the Member Services App. APA developed its own handicap system, The Equalizer®, which makes it possible for players of all abilities to compete on a nearly even level.

League play allows you to compete year-round. Your team will enjoy professional League Management, receive great membership benefits, and have the opportunity to participate in the largest and most rewarding Tournaments offered.

Learn the rules and get lots of practice. Good luck and good shooting to you and your teammate.



Terry Bell
Founder and Chairman of the Board
American Poolplayers Association

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