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League Structure:


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Annual Membership Dues – Your membership must be current for you to be eligible to participate in any APA event. Some events take place over a period of many months and membership must be maintained in order to remain eligible. Annual membership dues are currently $30 plus applicable taxes and expire December 31. The amount of the annual membership dues may be changed by APA at its discretion.

Members who join after August 15 pay full annual membership dues; however, their annual dues will be prorated to $15 the following year provided they renew on or before March 1. After March 1, all membership dues will be $30.

NOTE 1: Members who join in the month of December are not required to renew the following January.  Their membership will cover the remainder of the year in which they joined, and the entire next year.  

NOTE 2: If your Spring Session starts in December, your membership for the upcoming year will be due the first time you play a Spring Session match or by week four of the Spring Session, whichever occurs first.

NOTE 3: Annual membership dues are non-refundable.

Juniors – Annual membership dues are $10. The prorated renewal amount, if applicable, is $5.

Weekly Fee – Teams pay a weekly fee to participate in League activity. The amount charged in your area is established by your League Operator. The entire weekly fee is due regardless of how many players are on the roster or how many players played during the match.

Cash, Check or Electronic Payment – APA urges teams to make all League payments by check, money order or electronic payment methods (where available). Local League Management cannot assume responsibility for cash payments that are not received.

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