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General Rules:

Handicap System


The Equalizer® handicap system is designed to give each member a fair chance to win matches. Part of that system is subjective. When a player is deemed to be playing at a skill level that is below their true ability, their League Operator is authorized to make the player’s team ineligible for Session Playoffs and subsequent Tournaments. When such a determination is made during the Session Playoffs, the League Operator may disqualify the team from the Playoffs and subsequent Tournaments. League Operators strive to make any disqualifications or ineligibility decisions within 15 days after the Session Playoff finals.

Each player is responsible for ensuring that their teammates’ skill levels reflect their true ability. If you think a teammate’s skill level is too low for any reason, simply call your Local League Management and ask them to consider raising the player’s skill level. There are many anti-sandbagging measures built into The Equalizer®, but attempts to sandbag still impede APA’s purpose of providing every player a fair chance to win every time they step to the table. Teams or members who attempt to sandbag will be subject to penalties ranging from warnings to membership termination.

Please report sandbagging to your League Operator, Division Representative or Board of Governors. For documentation purposes, all sandbagging concerns must be made in writing and will be kept confidential. This information will assist Local League Management to determine whether a player is trying to hold down their skill level. Teams or individuals guilty of conspiring to manipulate skill levels through dishonest practices, as determined by Local League Management, will be penalized.  

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