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General Rules:



Your League Operator automatically reviews all disciplinary actions recommended by the Board of Governors in your area, if any, and will notify you or your Team Captain of the decision. Once disciplinary action has been taken by your League Operator and/or by the BOG, you have the right to appeal the decision(s) of the League Operator and/or BOG to the APA Appeals Committee. You may not appeal
the decision to the APA Appeals Committee until the BOG has ruled on the issue. If you wish to appeal disciplinary action to APA, you
must submit a written appeal addressed to the APA Appeals Committee, at the address on the back of this manual, or through The appeal must state the disciplinary action taken and why you, or your team, believe APA should review the decision of Local League Management. APA has sole authority and absolute discretion to act on the matter and its decision shall be final.  

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