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Game Rules:

Shooting The Wrong Balls

PAGE 47-48

Occasionally, a player will foul by mistakenly shooting the wrong category of balls (in 8-Ball) or the wrong numbered ball (in 9-Ball). 

The shooter may avoid a foul by asking the opponent which ball or category of balls they should be shooting. If asked, the opponent must answer honestly. If the shooter hits the wrong ball, a foul occurs as soon as the wrong ball is struck, regardless of whether the ball is pocketed or not.

NOTE: If a foul is not called before the shooter takes a subsequent shot, and makes legal contact with a ball of their actual category (in 8-Ball) or the lowest numbered object ball on the table (in 9-Ball), it is too late to call the foul. In addition, the following rules will then apply depending on the format: 

8-Ball – Once a player makes legal contact with the 8-ball, the player assumes control of that category of wrongly pocketed balls and can win the game by legally pocketing the 8-ball. In addition, if the sitting player does not call a foul before the opponent’s turn ends, and subsequently contacts the wrong ball during their turn, both players will assume the new category of balls for the remainder of the game.

9-Ball – Any balls pocketed prior to the foul being called will be marked as dead balls, except the 9-ball, which will be spotted.

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