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Game Rules:

How To Win A Game

PAGE 55-56


a. You pocket all the balls of your category and legally pocket the 8-ball in a properly marked pocket.

b. Your opponent pockets the 8-ball out-of-turn or knocks the 8-ball on the floor.

c. Your opponent pockets the 8-ball in the wrong pocket.

d. Your opponent fails to properly mark the pocket where the 8-ball is pocketed, and you call loss of game.

e. Your opponent fouls the cue ball and pockets the 8-ball.

f. Your opponent alters the course of the 8-ball or the cue ball in an attempt to prevent a loss.

g. Your opponent scratches or knocks the cue ball off the table when playing the 8-ball.

NOTE 1: If your opponent is shooting at the 8-ball and misses it altogether, commonly referred to as a table scratch, they have fouled and you receive ball-in-hand. You do not win because of this foul.

NOTE 2: You may not play the 8-ball at the same time you play the last ball of your category. The 8-ball must be pocketed through a separate shot. If you pocket the 8-ball at the same time you pocket the last ball of your category, you lose the game.  

Marking the pocket

a. A coaster or some other reasonable marker must be placed next to the shooter’s intended pocket.

b. Marking the pocket with chalk is not recommended.

c. Both players may use the same marker.

d. Only one marker should remain on the table at a time.

e. If the marker is already at the intended pocket from a previous attempt or game, it is not necessary to touch it, pick it up or reposition it.

NOTE: Contacting a pocket marker with the 8-ball is not a foul and the shot stands.


You legally pocket the 9-ball.

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