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Conduct During League Play:

Verbal Abuse

PAGE 69-70

Verbal abuse consists of any name calling, threats, sexual comments or any other language that could reasonably be considered harassment, an effort to provoke a player or team, or an attempt to cause embarrassment to the opponent. Local League Management will always have to make judgments in this area. 

Immediate Action – If your League Operator can determine that only one team, or person associated with that team, engaged in verbal abuse, the individual match must be forfeited to the non-offending player. A team will be held responsible for any verbal abuse coming from the players on its roster, or anyone who is associated with the team. If your League Operator determines that the verbal abuse put the non-offending team in an unfair competitive situation, they have the discretion to declare a forfeit of the entire team match. If both teams engage in verbal abuse, your League Operator has discretion to penalize the teams or players by altering the final results of the team match or of individual match(es). If a team engages in verbal abuse during Session Playoffs or Tournaments, your League Operator has the authority to disqualify the team, as such behavior is extremely disruptive.  

NOTE: It is not considered harassment to root for your team, but to ensure good sportsmanship and to avoid conflict, and potential penalties, do not do it while your opponent is shooting.

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