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Game Rules:

Balls On The Floor


Object balls that get knocked off the playing surface will be spotted on the foot spot. If the foot spot is taken, the ball will be placed directly behind the foot spot, as close to the foot spot as possible. If two or more balls are knocked on the floor, they are placed in numerical order with the lowest numbered ball closest to the foot spot. Spotted balls are placed frozen to one another.

8-Ball – It might occur that a player legally pockets a ball while simultaneously knocking some other ball(s) on the floor. In this situation, it is still their turn and the ball(s) is/are not spotted until their turn ends. If the ball on the floor is one of the shooter’s balls, then it is spotted when the shooter has pocketed all of their other balls. If it is the 8-ball that is knocked on the floor, the shooter loses the game.

9-Ball – Balls that get knocked off the playing surface will be immediately spotted on the foot spot. The 9-ball is spotted:

a. Anytime it is knocked off the table other than when it
is pocketed.

b. Anytime it is pocketed and the shooter scratches or otherwise fouls.

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