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General Rules:

New Players

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New players must become members before playing their first match, either by becoming a member online at or the Member Services App, or by submitting their membership fees and a completed and signed membership application with their team’s scoresheet. Teams that allow an unpaid player to participate in a team match will be held accountable for the unpaid membership fee the following week.

Generally, new players will start at a skill level 3 (SL3).

NOTE 1: Local League Management is authorized to assign a new player a higher starting skill level if they believe the higher skill level more accurately reflects the player’s true pool playing ability.

NOTE 2: Players with an established skill level in the 8-Ball format will start play in 9-Ball with their 8-Ball skill level; players with an established skill level in the 9-Ball format will start play in 8-Ball with their 9-Ball skill level, unless they are a SL1, SL8 or SL9 in 9-Ball. A SL1 in 9-Ball will begin as a SL2 in 8-Ball; a SL8 or SL9 in 9-Ball will begin as a SL7 in 8-Ball.

The skill level of new players may not immediately reflect their true ability since their ability is not yet known. It is not unusual for a new player’s skill level to fluctuate during the first few weeks. A player’s skill level is not considered established until they have 10 actual match scores in that format on their record. Penalties may be assessed at the discretion of Local League Management for starting a player of known ability as a new player.

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