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General Rules:


PAGE 38-39

Laser devices, mechanical cues and training/practice aids may not be used in League play. Special equipment, such as bridges and cue extenders, are legal.  Some specialty cues may be allowed on a limited basis. Players are expected to use equipment consistent with its intended purpose. Additional equipment guidelines and rules of use applicable during League play are set forth below:

Jump Cues – Only allowed in Masters Divisions.

Break Cues – Sometimes combined with jump cues to form a jump-break cue. These cues are allowed in League play for breaking. They may only be used to perform jump shots or massé shots in Masters Divisions.

Regular Shooting Cues – These cues may be used to perform jump shots, massé shots and break shots in all APA League and Tournament play. You may not “break down” your Regular Shooting Cue to perform a jump shot.

NOTE 1: Using a regular shooting cue to break does not qualify it as a “break cue”.

NOTE 2: Wheelchair players, juniors and players who are limited in their height are allowed to use a junior cue or “shortie” as a regular shooting cue.

NOTE 3: You may change cues and/or cue shafts during a game provided the cues and/or shafts you are switching to do not violate any rules of use, and you remain within the time guidelines.

If you have questions about whether the use of a piece of equipment, not otherwise covered by these rules, will be permitted during League, you must seek a ruling from APA before using the equipment.  

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