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General Rules:

APA Is The Highest Authority

PAGE 41-42

The American Poolplayers Association is the highest authority concerning all League rulings.
APA does not, nor does it authorize its League Operators, or their employees, to discriminate against any individual based on race, creed, religion, gender, sexual preference, or any other criteria related to discrimination that has been established by the Federal Government.

All individuals who meet the minimum age requirements are eligible for APA membership, benefits and participation in APA programs unless they have violated rules that are specifically detailed in this Team Manual.

APA and its League Operators will do their best to promote harmony, security and satisfaction among the APA members playing in the League, and will attempt to satisfy requests relating to team composition and the types of establishments that serve as Host Locations. However, APA cannot dictate, nor is responsible for, the composition of each team. Teams are typically made up of friends, relatives and/or co-workers and neither APA, its League Operators, or their employees, have the authority to guarantee any individual placement on any particular team.

APA team play typically takes place in public locations, such as billiard rooms, taverns and clubs. APA cannot force a team to participate in a location where the members of that team feel uncomfortable.

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