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Conduct During League Play


All members are required to exercise good sportsmanship and proper conduct. Individuals who cannot conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner will be removed from the League. The purpose of this section is to outline what action(s) Local League Management are advised to take when misconduct occurs during League play. Your League Operator is responsible for imposing sanctions and penalties on those players and/or teams that fail to practice good sportsmanship or who don’t demonstrate proper conduct. The guidelines contained herein relate to PHYSICAL CONTACT and VERBAL ABUSE. There is room for judgment in some areas and not others.

When misconduct occurs, the League Operator can take immediate action, and/or follow-up action.

Immediate Action is an action that immediately impacts the result of the team match. Immediate action impacts the entire team, and may affect innocent individuals.

Follow-Up Action is an action taken after the fact, specifically against the individual(s) involved in the misconduct.  

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