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General Rules:

Make Sure You Keep Score Properly


Accurate and conscientious scorekeeping is essential, especially when it comes to marking innings and Defensive Shots. Your scoresheet does not have to match your opponent’s. You keep your score and let your opponent keep theirs. Penalties will be assessed to teams or players that:

Try to negotiate innings with their opponent.

Coach their players to miss shots in an attempt to run up innings. Deliberate misses must be marked in the Defensive Shots block of the scoresheet.

Encourage any team or player to improperly keep score.

Proper scorekeeping is the greatest contribution you can make to the smooth operation of The Equalizer® handicap system and the prevention of sandbagging. The Equalizer® works best when teams keep score properly.

Marking inaccurate information on a scoresheet, intentionally omitting information from a scoresheet, or agreeing or conspiring with others to falsely represent what occurred during a match on a scoresheet, may result in your suspension, or in the termination of your APA membership. Please report any team that you believe is not following proper scorekeeping procedures to Local League Management or to APA. More information and instructional videos on how to keep score are available at  

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