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Conduct During League Play:

Follow-Up Actions

PAGE 70-71

In addition to the actions a League Operator takes regarding verbal or physical abuse, they may also take follow-up actions. Follow-up action addresses the long-term issues related to incidents of misconduct. Through follow-up action, Local League Management has the opportunity to evaluate who started the problem.

Local League Management must take action against any member(s) involved in any incidence of physical contact that is associated in any way with League play. It is not acceptable for members to take their fight outside or to agree to meet and fight it out at a later date. If they do fight at a later date, and Local League Management determines it originated during League play, then Local League Management must take action. A fight that occurs outside, but during League time, will be treated the same as one that occurs inside. If a player threatens to wait outside until the match is over, Local League Management should rule that the entire team match is forfeited. A threat to commit physical abuse will be treated as if the person making the threat actually committed the threatened act. Local League Management must use its best judgment when determining what occurred and what the appropriate response is.

Follow-up action by Local League Management may result in penalties such as probation, suspension and permanent termination of a player’s or players’ APA membership. Local League Management has discretion regarding what penalty is appropriate, but the following guidelines should be observed:

a. Any person who starts a fight or brawl should have their APA membership terminated.

b. Generally, a person who gets into a fight or a brawl defending themselves should be suspended for at least one month, if it is their first violation of these Rules of Conduct, or longer if they have previously violated these Rules, or committed other sportsmanship violations.

c. Generally, a person who consistently uses foul, provocative or intimidating language should receive a six-month suspension, though the suspension could be longer if they have committed a prior violation of these rules, or committed other sportsmanship violations.

d. Generally, a person who engages in a lesser degree of verbal abuse should be placed on probation, or suspension, depending on what the Local League Management deems appropriate under the circumstances.

Probation Terms – A player who is placed on probation must be a current APA member and actively participating throughout the entire term of the probation to complete their probation period. Players who drop out or quit while on probation, and who later seek to return to League play, will be required to serve the amount of time that was left on their probation period at the time they dropped or quit.

Suspension Terms – Players who are suspended may not participate in any League activities and forfeit their eligibility to participate in any Tournament(s) that may occur during their suspension term. It is recommended that players who are suspended not attend League matches. Those that attend League matches while on suspension and are disruptive face stiffer penalties.  All suspension terms will be followed by a one-year probationary term.

Any individual or team suspended from League play will immediately lose certain other membership privileges, including but not limited to, eligibility and/or qualification for Tournaments, until the suspension
is lifted.

Once a player is suspended, that player will not have the privilege
to coach their team, keep score, strategize or put up players until
their suspension has been lifted. Breaking this rule may result in a longer suspension.

You joined this League to have a good time and so did other members. Every member has the right to be treated in a sportsmanlike manner, and members who display offensive behavior will not be tolerated.  It is important that all team members be aware of APA’s Rules of Conduct. Teams should consider dropping anyone from their roster who does not agree to comply with these rules. 

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