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Game Rules:



Players lag at approximately the same time to see who wins the first break. The ball that stops closest to the head rail wins. It is permissible to strike the head rail. If the lagged balls make contact with each other, both players fail to strike the foot rail during the lag, or a ball stops in the jaw of a pocket, re-lag. Failure to strike the foot rail, or striking a side rail, or any pocket, results in loss of lag. Players are discouraged from using the cue ball during the lag. Insisting upon lagging with the cue ball is considered a sportsmanship violation and should be reported to Local League Management. The winner of the lag breaks in the first game; from that point on, the winner of each rack breaks in the next game. Please note the following:

In Masters Divisions, the winner of the lag will have choice of format or the break. Once the format has been chosen, the entire set of that format must be completed before moving to the other format.

In Doubles Divisions, the lag does not count as part of the
player rotation.

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