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League Structure:

League Operator


APA operates through a network of independent franchise owners called League Operators (LOs). League Operators have full authority to make rulings concerning all aspects of the League in their local area. APA stays in close contact with its League Operators, keeps them up-to-date with the latest developments on rules, formats and all other changes, and makes rulings on issues presented to it by League Operators. Your League Operator is a trained professional. Therefore, you can have confidence that the schedules, standings, skill level assignments, special events and all other aspects of the League’s operation will be handled timely and accurately. Only an APA-authorized League Operator may administer an APA League. Your League Operator may hire additional assistants and/or representatives to improve service in their League. Your League Operator, along with their assistants and representatives, form the Local League Management. Your League Operator is the highest authority on all decisions made by Local League Management.  

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