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Conduct During League Play:

Physical Contact

PAGE 68-69

Hostile physical contact is not tolerated. Hostile physical contact includes, but is not limited to, bumping, shoving, pushing, hitting or sexual contact. Although this contact normally involves members engaged in League play, Local League Management should impose a penalty when a non-member is involved if it is deemed the non-member involved is associated with one of the teams. Whether a non-member is associated with one of the teams is a judgment call to be made at the sole discretion of Local League Management.

Immediate Action – If hostile physical contact occurs, the match is over. There is one issue for the League Operator to resolve in such a situation: whether only one team was guilty of hostile physical contact or both teams were guilty of hostile physical contact. When hostile physical contact occurs, your League Operator must exercise one of the following two options:

a. Where only one team was involved. If it occurred during League play, the offending team loses all points. The non-offending team will receive bye points. If the match took place during Session Playoffs or any type of Tournament, the non-offending team would advance to the next round.

b. Where both teams were involved. If this occurred during League play, neither team would receive any points for the night. If it occurred during Session Playoffs or Tournament play, both teams would be disqualified.

Your League Operator has no alternative other than to implement one of these two options. Local League Management cannot consider who started it, nor should they consider whether the retaliation, if any occurred, was justified. The only way both teams can avoid the same penalty is for one of the teams to refuse to retaliate no matter what provocation they may have to endure.  

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