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General Rules:

Membership Renewals


Players may renew their membership for the upcoming calendar year online at beginning October 1. When renewing, please be sure to update your contact information. Your renewal fee must be paid the first time you play a match in the new calendar year.

EXCEPTION: If your Fall Session ends after the first of the year, membership fees are not due until the first time you play a match in the Spring Session. If your Spring Session starts in December, your membership for the upcoming year will be due the first time you play a Spring Session match or by week four of the Spring Session, whichever occurs first.

Renewal notices may be circulated at the end of the Fall Session, during Team Captains’ Meetings in the Spring Session and/or during the first week of Spring Session play. Any member who has not renewed by the end of the fourth week of play will be dropped from all team rosters. If a team has a player on its roster that is unavailable to renew prior to the fourth week, the team is advised to renew for them.  

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