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League Structure:



You may sign up or renew your membership online at, through the Member Services App, or by giving your membership dues to your Local League Management with a completed and signed membership application.  Your Local League Management will forward your membership dues to APA.  

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to provide APA and the Local League Management with up-to-date and complete profile information. If renewing your membership, correct any errors and/or update your contact information on the renewal notice or online. 

Transferability – Your membership is accepted wherever an APA sanctioned League exists. There is no transfer fee if you decide to change Leagues, or play in more than one League. If you move from one League area to another, simply notify Local League Management and let them know that you have participated in another area. The Local League Management in your new area will obtain your records. If there are no APA sanctioned Leagues in your new area, call APA; every effort will be made to get one started. When you transfer to a new area, you must participate at your previously established skill level. Memberships are not refundable and not transferable from one person to another.  

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